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Hyperion aims to establish a global decentralized map economy for 10B people.

Hyperion organically integrates innovations of three important dimensions, coined as the Hyperion Trinity of map technology, economy and society structures, to eventually achieve a sustainable and self-governed map economy of the world. People are empowered to build map technology, share economical return and govern map communities

High level dynamics of the Hyperion Trinity is illustrated:

  • Crowd-build
    Crowd-build to incentive quality global map data contribution and distributed system infrastructure hosting with Hyperion Digital Location Right (HDLR) as reward, i.e., HDLR mining;

  • Crowd-share
    Crowd-share to establish a sustainable decentralized map economy, in which map services fees are distributed to HDLR owners accordingly by smart contract, i.e., HDLR incentive;

  • Crowd-govern
    Crowd-govern to reach consensus on technology and social-economic transition with delegated governance, i.e., HDLR voting. The Hyperion global community is consisted of multi-level regional communities governed by HDLR holders delegates of respective regions.


  • Ecosystem Layer
    Location-based services (LBS), such as location-based social network, advertisement and gaming, accrue value to HDLR. Hyperion will collaborate with a wide spectrum of LBS to enrich the Hyperion ecosystem. To demonstrate the full power of Hyperion services, Hyperion will develop example LBS, e.g., a consuming-facing map service named Titan and a location-based game.

  • Service Layer
    this layer includes full-stack map services with tight integration with MapChain. Specifically, it includes map production service (dMapper), map service (dMap) and location data intelligence platform (Hyperion Marketplace). Users can stake HYN (pay-by-inflation) to access dMapper and dMap services, and spend HYN (pay-by-fee) for Hyperion Marketplace services;

  • Protocol Layer
    the Hyperion Protocol Network is a global network of Hyperion Protocol Nodes with  installation of MapChain (Hyperion Blockchain), smart contract, and trusted distributed storage.  MapChain employs pBFT + SCP as block producing consensus algorithm to support scalable map services and enforce a consistent delegated governance structure of the Hyperion community;

Technology and Service Architecture:


Phase Name Time Milestones
Galatic 2018 Q4 Release dMapper
2019 Q1 Release the first Hyperion-based demo App – Titan
Stellar 2019 Q2 Release Hyperion Marketplace; MapChain test net online
2019 Q3 Release dMap
2019 Q4 MapChain main net online
2020 Q1 Start Global Developer Program; dMap integration with IoT devices
Planetary 2020 Q2 Release a demo location-based game
2020 Q3 Release dMapper for high definition maps (robotic devices)
2020 Q4 Release dMap for high definition maps and integration with robotics devices


Map Rush

Confirm GEO-location data information and get rewards.

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