Guangxian Zou, the Technologist of Hyperion

Guangxian Zou

– Co-founder and CTO of AIPAI, AIPAI is a gaming video sharing platform of China, ranked 502th in the world’s top 1000 websites released by Google, winner of Most Innovative Company 50 in China of the Fast Company magazine
– Expertise in game development, video processing and  high concurrence & large distributed architecture
– Worked at Netease, Participated in the development of “Tang Dynasty” and “Westward Journey 3”
– Winner of Most Creative People in Business of China of Fast Company on 2016
– Owners of multiple national patents
– Track host of QCon, a global conferences of technical Leaders. Chairman of
TGO Guangzhou. TGO curates a community of technical leaders in China
– Master in University of Electronic Science and Technology of China on 2014
– Co-author of the book “Game Programming Gems 7”

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