Q: What services does Hyperion provide?
A: Hyperion provides full stack map and location capabilities ranging from automatic map productions to map usages of various kinds. By removing the existing intermediaries in the map industry, Hyperion map services are much more complete, updated and much cheaper. Besides, by building on BlockChain and cryptography protocol, map services are now more trustworthy than ever before in terms of security, privacy and impartiality.


Q: What are the key value propositions of Hyperion and Why BlockChain?
– Solving the “Map Trilemma” problem (difficult to achieve high quality, high coverage and cheap map data at the same time). Map data is globally distributed and extremely long-tailed. A good map system requires global effective collaborations, which inevitably, in the old ways, lead to many intermediary layers and thus high cost. Hyperion builds a global network with incentives and trust on BlockChain to make the Map Trilemma solvable.
– Providing trusted location and map services. Location is undoubtedly an important privacy vector. Another example is paid ranking in map query, e.g., finding the best French restaurant in town. Users will be fed with paid content, instead of good content from verifiable ranking algorithm. BlockChain as a novel computing architecture allow us to provide publicly verifiable trusted services with no privacy intrusion and data manipulation.


Q: Why BlockChain?
A: To underpin the key value propositions (solving the map quality).


Q: Why now?
A: Hyperion exploits the recent significant advancements of following technologies: BlockChain (Of Course!), 5G wireless communication and robotic technologies especially the substantial cost reduction of sensing technologies thanks to Self-driving cars.


Q: Why us?
A: The founding team is an Avenger team of seasoned entrepreneurs from map, advertisement, game and media industry. They respectively have built top companies in their own division before. Map applications, location-based advertisements, and location-based games (e.g. Pokémon GO) are among the most effective ways to demonstrate the best practice and full potential of Hyperion services – bring real business and use cases to reality.

In addition, we are very fortunate to have support from best-minds from different fields (distributed computing, finance engineering and economics etc.) as our advisors, partners and teams!


Q: How to explain Hyperion in one sentence to potential users?
A: For consumer users, Hyperion is quality map services with privacy. For enterprise users, Hyperion services is high quality and low cost.


Q: What are the key innovations of Hyperion in aspects of technology, economy and community structure?
A: the short answer is Hyperion trinity: Crowd-build, Crowd-share-, Crowd-govern.
The long answer is:
– Technology: The first high performance spatial BlockChain (Atlas) through Elastic Spatial Sharding. Altas is designed to solve following problems such as data tilting, elasticity and scalability of spatial data.
– Economy: The first unified location and map economy model for decentralized map economy. One token for accessing map services (pay-by-inflation) and location data marketplace (pay-by-fee). We propose an important economics primitive, the Hyperion Digital Location Right (HDLR) in the systems. HDLR allows map data providers moving up the value chains to share the profits of high value-added map services, instead of simply data buy-and-sell. HDLR is possible because Hyperion removes all intermediaries in the existing map industry.
– Community: building global multi-layer Hyperion university of super node networks and communities to govern technology evolvement and dispute.